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Garnish For More Attractive Food Presentations

Garnish for More Attractive Food Presentations

In food preparation, the focus is on taste. However, careful attention should be given to the food's presentation. If your food is carefully and attractively presented, people will love it before it even hits their taste buds.

Take for example a bland-looking food such as macaroni and cheese. A little parsley on top of it for garnish will add color and make it more attractive. Parsley, a decorative herb, is inexpensive and can give food a little spice. Because parsley is a commonly used herb, it is widely available in supermarkets. Curly-leaf parsley is most common, distinguishable by its ruffled leaves and slightly peppery flavor. Italian parsley has flat, dark green leaves. It has a slightly milder flavor too. When buying parsley, get parsley with bright green, unwilted leaves.

Aside from parsley, you can use other alternatives to garnish a dish and give it an attractive presentation. Color-coordinate a garnish to add color and life to a dish. For instance, fresh orange, lemon or lime slices would liven up a steak and potato meal. In addition, the juices from these citrus fruits will add some zest to your meal if you choose to use them as flavoring.

A simple garnish that looks very elaborate is a fruit fan. To create a fruit pan, take a strawberry, pear or any other fruit you like. Slice it from the bottom up to the stem, but do not slice through the stem. Spread the slices into a fan. Place your fruit fan on any bland dish and voila! An instantly attractive meal.

Attractive cutlery and place settings are also vital to food presentation. The most elaborate roast with delectable sides is ruined when it is served in chipped serving dishes and dingy cutlery. Your diners might go into your meal slightly turned off before even tasting the food!

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