Soundproof Buying Guide

In seeking a new home or residence, a key factor is always customization and preference. One key preference in most anyone’s opinion would be to block out the outside world in any way possible, for those moments of peace at home. An option to help remedy this type of situation is soundproofing the residence completely. This requires a few steps, but knowing what to purchase and where to plant the resources is crucial and sensible. Firstly one must realize what items and products need to be purchased, and where to purchase them. Many retailers such as IKEA, Home Depot and Kohl’s provide a lot of customized tools and items to help with building a soundproof area.

Carpeting, drywall (and the tools for building a dry-wall), and stucco sprays all can come in handy, they are the most effective an affordable way to seal off sound and soundproof an area fully. Carpets should be checked online, if Amazon is able to ship an effective amount of carpet per square footage, the price will most likely be best buying in that scenario. Home Depot offers personalized help from employees in terms of feeling and walking on fabric, many layouts on the showroom floor give a great example of how the carpet will look enveloped in a particular home. Carpets would be the easiest find of all in the collective of soundproofing elements, spray on stucco and dry wall may take a bit more considerable amount of work. Home Depot does posses the strong glue and metal wiring required to build a new drywall with metallic fibrous innards. These innards and the glue around them will create a very strong barrier to sound, glue and metal will block out a lot of powerful elements in all honesty. Spray on stucco will have to be purchased on hand at a hardware store such as Kohls’ or again, Home Depot. A canister to spray, as well as the stucco itself and safety breathing masks would all be required.

These elements can be made affordable if bought in bulk online, or with the help of a Hardware store employee. One must gauge the budget and necessity of the soundproofing that is also mentioned in, if noise comes from mostly just one area, work on purchasing carpet and a single dry wall for that space. This effectively saves time and money, it also provides security in blocking noise on a budget.

Hosting Reviews

A GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy is well known and loved for the online auctions; this is a thrifty and brilliant option for getting domain names without breaking your wallet. To gain access to this service, you can sign up for a $5 annual fee that gives you the power to purchase many expiring or attractive domain names that you might desire. This feature can allow you exercise your business bargain practical understanding, in most cases you end up winning and gaining powerful domains for a lesser price compared to other web hosting services.

GoDaddy is a valuable tool for domain shopping but other services can prove lackluster at times, and there is a stringent limitation on your account options. Unlike other hosting service companies that offer unlimited disk space, GoDaddy allocates 10GB for their basic packages. One would wonder if they would even use that much disk space, but it is a better value to get unlimited space so that you do not have a cap when your project takes off. With GoDaddy, there is a limit on the number of MySQL databases available. Maybe the biggest myth is the unlimited bandwidth feature, this does not seem to be the case though, and GoDaddy will request your allocation to the pricey VPS server if you exceed your designated quota. So this is one of those marketing strategies to get you in, maybe one should read the fine print first.

GoDaddy is famous for their great customer service. When dealing with website hosting services, customer service can be a terrible nightmare, and waits can range from ten minutes to hors. This is a great plus because sooner or later you will need to communicate with a customer service representative. GoDaddy provides an excellent, fast and responsive chat service. This feature definitely adds to the hosting service’s quality rating. GoDaddy even allows the chat based customer service representative to call you if the need arises, and you can set up and schedule a call time at your convenience, this should be the standard definition of customer service. They do follow through with their scheduled call appointments. Therefore, you do not have to miss a call and be placed on a long list, besides your project needs urgent response any time.

GoDaddy runs a successful service; this can be attributed to the heavy marketing featuring celebrities like Danika Patrick and their present super bowl commercial placements. Many entry-level consumers and customers automatically search for GoDaddy due to the powerful effect of a brilliant marketing plan. This approach is also their mantra, go hard. Despite all these features there are negatives too, and these include many limits on their accounts, they do not have a cPanel and this makes it hard to navigate your pages and they try to upsell you many features. The great advantage is that there are many features and package options to choose form. For more reviews about GoDaddy hosting, check out Weak Moves and see the pros and cons of this hosting service.


Warning: You’re Losing Money By Not Using TV Screen Protectors

That’s right, you’re losing money if you’re not using a TV screen protector. Maybe not right now, but believe me, you’re going to hate yourself for not buying a protector when your TV gets hit or scratched. There’s nothing like a great HDTV, but the biggest problem is that they can break so easily and you can’t add them to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

When it breaks, you have to go out and buy a new one. Here’s a few ways that a screen protector will keep you from losing money. Kids Kids are great, but let’s take the imagery of smiling faces and pitter-patter of tiny feet out of the equation. Kids love playing, and they often get a little too rough. They probably don’t mean to, but kids are known to knock over things that can be fairly expensive. HDTVs are no exception (in fact, it seems like the norm because HDTVs are easy to knock over).

If you want your TV to survive that hurricane that is children, then you better get a good screen protector. Flying Objects You probably don’t think that flying objects are that common in the house, and you’re probably right. However, it wouldn’t be called an accident if it were common. Flying objects (like balls, plates, bowls and Wiimotes) can also hit your TV and shatter the screen. Suddenly your $800+ HDTV is nothing but shattered glass and plastic.

A good screen protector will keep you from having to replace the TV by being able to absorb the impact of a 6-ounce object flying at 20mph. for a real world example, that’s like a light bowling ball being hurled at your TV. Makes you feel a little safer, huh? Insurance Policy As stated above, you can’t add your TV to your homeowner’s insurance policy (though it would be nice since low-end ones are $600, but many of the best are $2,000+). You can think of the protector as your insurance policy.

A good one should only cost about $150 to $300 depending on the size, which is actually a good investment that will keep you from losing money. Tiny Problems Scratching a TV’s screen is much easier than you think. It just takes a little bit of dust and a small amount of friction to cause a scratch. Believe me, you’ll notice that scratch because the colors won’t seem right in the one area. It’s very annoying to look at and you’ll go crazy trying to ignore it.

A TV screen protector will keep this from happening because it shields the TV from dust and other particles. The protectors are also easier to clean than the screen itself, which just makes things move a little faster. Conclusion Maybe you’re not losing money right now, but you’ll lose a lot of money when your TV breaks. Your standard TV is at least $600, but most people don’t protect their investment. If you are scared of your TV being broken or damaged and having to buy a new one, then go out right now and invest in a screen protector. Not only that, but you should be able to place the protector on a new TV when you upgrade if it’s roughly the same size.

Want the latest reviews on best streaming devices? Check it out at Power Moves for more information.

Web Hosting

Advantages of Shared Hosting

With all of the sales pressure on entrepreneurs to select a hosting platform that allows them to run anything they want whenever they want, it is interesting to note that from time to time, a trend favoring shared hosting can be observed among businesses. Shared hosting by definition is a bit more confining than leasing a VPS or a Dedicated server from your provider. You can’t run exotic software pieces, and many hosting companies limit how much you can customize the allotted space that you do have.

For those that choose to utilize shared hosting accounts in order to run their business or personal life, there are advantages that hosting providers typically add to shared hosting accounts. One major advantage is the price. It is almost always cheaper to create and maintain a corporate site. Also, many hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth to users of their shared hosting accounts.

Another one of the advantages of shared hosting is security. Many of the hosting providers that have become global giants by hosting millions of websites on behalf of clients have implemented world-class security that dovetails nicely with a shared hosting account’s lack of customization choices. Simply put, the fewer the customization options available to the client, the less likely there is to be a security problem. Conversely, the more generic websites that are hosted by a particular shared hosting provider, the safer it regards numbers for people to host their account there as they have a greater statistical chance of being overlooked. A third advantage to utilizing a shared hosting account to launch websites from is the number of applications that are often offered pre-configured to use. From content management systems to customer service forums, packaging web requests for use by one’s user base has made it easier for clients.


Web Hosting

Advantages of Cloud Web Hosting

If you have thousands of songs, too many files to manage on your computer or just want to have your website only a few clicks away, you ought to think about all the advantages of cloud web hosting, a relatively new service that is slick and easy to use. Most cloud web hosting services are moderately priced and easy to find — all of them are just a Google search away! In moments you could free up valuable hard drive space on your computer, just by having access to a server in the sky.

There are plenty of advantages to cloud web hosting. By freeing up your computer, you can get it to perform better. Your computer will run faster, more efficiently, and your battery life could even be extended. With a good wireless internet connection, you will not even notice that your music is in the cloud — it is that easy to store and access your music and files. Also, you can cut down on some physical devices needed to store data. Forget about storing data on CDs and flash drives — you simply will not need them now that you are using cloud web hosting.

There is nothing different about using cloud web hosting versus using traditional servers to store your data, besides the fact that your data is not physically on your computer. The process is slick, tested, and works! Thousands of people have already made the switch. Even if you don’t want to go the whole nine yards right away, try just having your music uploaded to the cloud and see if you notice a big difference. Chances are, the only difference you will notice is that your computer runs a little faster and your battery lasts a little longer. It is that simple to upload your files to the cloud.