A GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy is well known and loved for the online auctions; this is a thrifty and brilliant option for getting domain names without breaking your wallet. To gain access to this service, you can sign up for a $5 annual fee that gives you the power to purchase many expiring or attractive domain names that you might desire. This feature can allow you exercise your business bargain practical understanding, in most cases you end up winning and gaining powerful domains for a lesser price compared to other web hosting services.

GoDaddy is a valuable tool for domain shopping but other services can prove lackluster at times, and there is a stringent limitation on your account options. Unlike other hosting service companies that offer unlimited disk space, GoDaddy allocates 10GB for their basic packages. One would wonder if they would even use that much disk space, but it is a better value to get unlimited space so that you do not have a cap when your project takes off. With GoDaddy, there is a limit on the number of MySQL databases available. Maybe the biggest myth is the unlimited bandwidth feature, this does not seem to be the case though, and GoDaddy will request your allocation to the pricey VPS server if you exceed your designated quota. So this is one of those marketing strategies to get you in, maybe one should read the fine print first.

GoDaddy is famous for their great customer service. When dealing with website hosting services, customer service can be a terrible nightmare, and waits can range from ten minutes to hors. This is a great plus because sooner or later you will need to communicate with a customer service representative. GoDaddy provides an excellent, fast and responsive chat service. This feature definitely adds to the hosting service’s quality rating. GoDaddy even allows the chat based customer service representative to call you if the need arises, and you can set up and schedule a call time at your convenience, this should be the standard definition of customer service. They do follow through with their scheduled call appointments. Therefore, you do not have to miss a call and be placed on a long list, besides your project needs urgent response any time.

GoDaddy runs a successful service; this can be attributed to the heavy marketing featuring celebrities like Danika Patrick and their present super bowl commercial placements. Many entry-level consumers and customers automatically search for GoDaddy due to the powerful effect of a brilliant marketing plan. This approach is also their mantra, go hard. Despite all these features there are negatives too, and these include many limits on their accounts, they do not have a cPanel and this makes it hard to navigate your pages and they try to upsell you many features. The great advantage is that there are many features and package options to choose form. For more reviews about GoDaddy hosting, check out Weak Moves and see the pros and cons of this hosting service.